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C.M.L. has been working in the industry for almost 40 years producing accessories for doors and windows in aluminium, iron and mechanical machining of various kinds on various types of materials such as pvc, stainless steel, brass, zamak fusions, nylon and aluminium alloys, as well as producing a wide range of handles with their relative patented fastening systems. We can provide exterior finishing touches such as tumbling, oxidation, varnish, pvd coatings, chromium-plating and galvanization.  


Different types of productions can be made besides having workplaces to work directly on the extrusion. Every operation that has been mentioned above can also be done on behalf of a third party and we plan and manage the provision of the raw material when required. During the production process and at the end of it, we control the quality of our products through sample checks and that gives the warranty of a high-quality finished product.


The finished components can be used in the following industries: Automotive sector, accessories for doors and windows, metal window fixtures, facades, hospital equipment, mechanical engineering, street forniture, stores forniture, air-conditioning, lighting, pneumatic.


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